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As everyone knows, necessarily with the connection of 300-075 exam book several hosts and 300-075 exam book corresponding 300-115 study guides cable in the terminal, 300-075 exam book forming a computer network 300-075 exam book can 300-101 exam pdf 300-101 exam pdf realize in the management of network software.However, 300-101 exam pdf as 300-075 exam book 300-115 study guides a running network, its large amounts of data and information are stored 300-075 exam book in the host, terminal or extern memory, and it is vital that how to 300-115 study guides prevent 300-101 exam pdf illegal users access.The 300-075 exam book range 300-101 exam pdf of computer communication is 300-101 exam pdf 300-115 study guides 300-101 exam pdf expanding, and it has gone far beyond the precinct of LAN.Therefore, the data in the transmission 300-075 exam book is vulnerable, 300-101 exam pdf and we 300-101 exam pdf can encrypt the message data to make others expect 300-101 exam pdf legal person not know.In the whole data communication network, we should 300-075 exam book take some measures to protect data.There are some factors to influence network security.The 300-115 study guides first one is Information leak.The 300-075 exam book information on the network is wiretapped.The second one is information tamper.such network infringe 300-075 exam book 300-075 exam book is called active offender.The third one is transmission of illegal traffic.

Data 300-115 study guides encryption 300-115 study guides technology is the management technology that can be 300-075 exam book divided into 300-101 exam pdf data storage, data 300-101 exam pdf 300-115 study guides transmission, identify to data integrity 300-075 exam book and 300-115 study guides secret key according to the different effect.Data 300-075 exam book storage encryption 300-101 exam pdf technology is aimed at preventing the data 300-115 study guides on the 300-115 study guides link from losing.The purpose of data 300-115 study guides transmission encryption 300-115 study guides technology is 300-115 study guides 300-075 exam book encrypting data flow which is running.The identify technology is aimed at transferring 300-115 study guides 300-101 exam pdf and accessing intervention information.About 300-101 exam pdf firewall technology, there are two kinds.Single anti-virus software is 300-101 exam pdf installed in the single 300-115 study guides generally and detects remote resources connecting local place with workstation in the way of analysis and scanning, eradicate the virus.